A Look at the Work of Artist Munir Jones

Title of Depicted Piece: Orange Tide https://www.instagram.com/expressionsbymunir/?hl=en

As a child, Munir was drawn to the arts and his mother fostered his creativity, believing in his abilities. This was made evident when he won first place in a school project. In high school, an art teacher by the name of Eugene Woods took notice of Munir’s potential and guided him in his endeavors. To this day, Munir still keeps in touch with the 98 year old Woods, who continues to motivate him.

Munir grew up in Los Angeles, and as his art education flourished, he began to incorporate driftwood into his art, merging it with live plants. Over the years, he has expanded his medium to include mountains and seascapes. In 1978, a chance opportunity in a little shop in Hermosa Beach changed the trajectory of Munir’s art. He sold a piece to a fellow student for $78 and used an off-loom technique to show the shop owner that money could be made from his art. With this, Munir’s journey as an artist began and his creative potential was unleashed. Munir is delighted to now be residing in Arrowhead and is immensely proud of the artwork he has produced over the past two years. His creativity has been flourishing and the results have been outstanding. We are thrilled to witness the progress Munir has made and the wonderful works of art he has created.

Title of Depicted Piece: Imagination
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